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Toshiba Multi Split Systems

The full range of indoor units can satisfy every kind of need: it includes unobtrusive ducted units, console units and modern high walls, that provide hi-tech and sophisticated design and complete air filtration at the same time.


The new modern design creates fresh air to better the quality of life with less energy consumption, and easier to control with just one touch.

UFV Floor Console

Bi-flow, Floor warming mode, Smart user interface, DC Hybrid Inverter technology, Self cleaning function, Childlock function, Compact and modern design, IAQ filter filtration system

Ducted, Hi Static Ducted, UTP 4 Way Cassette, KRT Hi Wall, MUT Compact 4 Way Cassette, UTP 4 Way Cassette, BTP Ducted, CTP Under Ceiling

Various light commercial and residential products are detailed in this PDF.