For Fantail Services to be the most trusted and called upon supplier of Mechanical & Electrical Services in the region.

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Directors' Message

Since starting Fantail back in 2010 it’s been our overriding aim to turn the company into the Wellington region’s most recognisable and respected brand in the field of Commercial and Residential Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Electrical Services.

Using the latest equipment, techniques, training and, by sticking closely with our business processes and industry standards, we’ve already gone a long way down that road. Because we’ve built continuous improvement into the DNA of the company we’re only going to get better.

It’s been our privilege to hire and develop fantastic people to help along that journey and it’s greatly satisfying to see the results of their efforts borne out in the success of Fantail and also in the work undertaken on behalf of our clients.


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Our Staff

Project after project, we have built the company’s reputation on quality workmanship, professional standards and excellence.


Safety for our staff members and for the people we share our work environment with is paramount – nothing is more important.


Our objective is to complete each contract/project safely, on time, and on budget with no adverse effects to the quality of the workmanship delivered.


We encourage our suppliers, staff and customers to consider the environment when managing waste on and off site.