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Fantail Services



We are passionate about what we do and how we do it.

“Quality” is an integral part of our company, our values, recruitment, induction and training programmes help us to deliver “quality workmanship” to our customers.

Quality (That’s What We Want)

Our objective is to complete each contract/project safely, on time, and on budget with no adverse effects to the quality of the workmanship delivered.

Every employee understands, and actively participates in the promotion of quality in every job, in every site, and in every process, they follow.

Put simply if it doesn’t meet our exacting standards, it doesn’t get signed off.

We are fully committed to continual improvement, and development of our processes to ensure that the standard of quality far exceeds our customers, and industry expectations.

Quality Management Framework

Fundamentally, we achieve quality through understanding our customers priorities.

We are fully committed to continual improvement and development of our processes to ensure that the standard of quality far exceeds our customers and industry expectations.

The objectives of our Quality Management Framework:

  • Put our customers first
  • Work more productively, safely and effectively
  • Quickly identify and address risks associated with the project and or site

Through this system we have developed a comprehensive documentation process that promotes quality and transparency across our customers and employees alike.

This system includes everything from safe work practices & codes of conduct.

The completion of Quality Assurance [QA] sheets on construction projects is imperative. This system is led by our senior staff on site and passed through the ranks down to the trade assistant. The forms are completed, signed off and passed back to the customer for inspection at various stages of a project.