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Your Heat Pump may have been working hard to keep you cool all summer, or sat idle ‘waiting’ for winter.

Now is the time to book your Autumn service check so you’re ‘ready’ for winter!

Chat to our experienced technicians and we will beat any Heat Pump ‘service check’ [maintenance] quote and any ‘Service Repair’ quote by 5%!

Complete the form and we’ll be in touch! Please refer to our Pricing Policy for more details

Heat Pump Preventative Maintenance & Warranty Repairs

  • Neglecting your Heat Pump by not having a record of maintenance is grounds for the manufacturer to refuse honouring the warranty.
  • To preserve the warranty conditions of your Heat Pump, you need to have maintenance checks carried out by Fantail Services, ideally twice per year (summer and winter), or once per year at minimum
  • By taking care of your product with scheduled maintenance you can be rest assured that you are covered if any repairs could be required throughout the manufacturer’s warranty period
  • Residential warranties are typically 5-6 years, depending on the brand, and the application