About Fantail Services

For Fantail Services to be the most trusted and called upon supplier of Mechanical & Electrical Services in the region.
Chris Spayes
Trent Watson

Directors' Message

Since starting Fantail back in 2010 it's been our overriding aim to turn the company into the Wellington region's most recognisable and respected brand in the field of Commercial and Residential Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Electrical Services.

Using the latest equipment, techniques, training and, by sticking closely with our business processes and industry standards, we've already gone a long way down that road. Because we've built continuous improvement into the DNA of the company we're only going to get better.

It's been our privilege to hire and develop fantastic people to help along that journey and it's greatly satisfying to see the results of their efforts borne out in the success of Fantail and also in the work undertaken on behalf of our clients.

Chris & Trent

The Fantail Story

What We Do and Who We Are
Project after project, we have built the company’s reputation on quality workmanship, professional standards and excellence.
With their passion and enthusiasm, Chris and Trent are fast creating a company that is focused on quality assurance, communication, honesty and team work.

Chris and Trent both started in the Mechanical and Electrical industry in the mid 1990s and established Fantail Services in 2010. They wanted to contribute to maintaining and improving the installation standards and operational processes for residential and project work within the mechanical and electrical industries.

The Fantail Team

Chris Spayes

Managing Director


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Chris entered the HVAC trade as an apprentice in 1996 in the UK. Chris is passionate about a high end finished product, work ethic, healthy staff culture and creating apprenticeship opportunities to young New Zealanders. Chris has lived in NZ since 2006 and became a citizen in 2017. Most Saturday’s, you’ll find Chris down Petone FC attempting to relive his youth as a handy footballer!

Trent Watson


Electrical Contracts Manager


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Trent started his apprenticeship in 1996 with a family run business experiencing a wide range of electrical from commercial, industrial and service. The trade took him overseas for 5 years, working in London and travelling all over the world.
He oversees electrical contracts  with high quality installation and finish while training young aspiring electrical apprentices. Outside of work Trent spends most weekends with his family, following his children to sports grounds and chasing that elusive 30lb snapper.

Brad Griffiths

Service Manager


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Brad is an Electrician by Trade and started his apprenticeship in 2007 in Dunedin. Brad has high standards level of work quality and customer service. Brad has lived and worked in Perth, Australia and London, UK. Brad loves his rugby and cricket and is a keen follower of the Highlanders

Haley Hurrell

H&S Representative


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Haley is a qualified transmission line mechanic that left the industry to start a
family. She returned back into the work force at Fantail Services as a health
and safety representative after 4 years of being a stay at home mum. Trent
and Chris felt so strongly about her ability that they created the role
specifically for her and she's been given freedom over the direction the role
takes. Her kids keep Haley very busy doing anything and everything outdoors
and such tasks as fishing hot wheels cars out of the toilet. Haley is also
training to be an air training corps officer for the NZ cadet forces.

Ihain Jonston

Mechanical Contracts Supervisor


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Ihian, Has been a registered electrician for 23 years and has run numerous large projects. He's worked at fantail since 2014 gaining experience with mechanical and electrical for mechanical. Ihain has been running the mechanical contracts division since mid 2018 overseeing the larger Fantail mechanical projects. He is without a doubt one of the most valuable assets in the company, not only for his striking good looks but for his seemingly endless wealth of knowledge.

Nick McManaway



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Nick Entered the Electrical trade as an apprentice in 2012. After completing his apprenticeship with Fantail he was offered a position in the office, taking the opportunity to learn skills in roles such as service coordination, Estimating and compiling project documentation. Nick is passionate about a healthy work environment and feels the down to earth and friendly nature of his colleagues at Fantail is paramount in providing this. Nick enjoys a good summer of following the New Zealand cricket team, reading a good book and attending the odd live gig with his mates.

Camille McKay Hamilton



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Camille is from the land of wood and water which is also the home of Olympic champion Usain Bolt . If you guessed Jamaica, you guessed right. She comes to us with 14 years of experience in Accounting and believes that continuous learning is one of the main keys to contributing effectively to company growth. As a newbie to both Fantail Services and New Zealand, you can usually find her exploring NZ on weekends and learning about the diverse culture through interactions with co-workers and community members.

Olivia Brinsley

Support Coordinator


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Olivia was born and raised in windy Wellington. She joined the Fantail team as our Service Coordinator with  a sound background in administration and customer service. Olivia spend her spare time exploring nature with her small family.

What Safety Culture at Fantail Means

Safety is a core part of everything we do
Safety for our staff members and for the people we share our work environment with is paramount - nothing is more important.
Scaffold training session conducted at the Fantail office by Site Safe representatives.
Everyday starts with a safety briefing where all new hazards are identified and risk mitigation protocols are established.
Some of the steps we take to ensure that safety is guaranteed for all people in our work environments:
  • Fantail Services works collectively with all staff members to increase staff wellbeing, workplace safety and culture
  • As part of the Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP), a formal approach is taken to determine and anticipate potential hazards. The risks are assessed and safe work practices are defined to either eliminate or control the hazards
  • Specific task analysis and safe work method statements are also undertaken for high risk tasks and any new or complex tasks
  • Daily site safety meetings are held to discuss safety instructions, hazards, work practices and any other relevant information
  • Folders are maintained on all sites that keep details on personnel holding relevant safety qualifications
  • Site records are also maintained covering all the hazardous materials at each location and how to deal with them in emergencies

Fantail Sitewise Accreditation

Fantail Services is proud to have achieved SiteWise Green card status which reflects our focus and continued commitment to health and safety.
Our SiteWise grading means suppliers can evaluate our tender applications with confidence that site safety requirements will be fully satisfied.

From the SiteWise website:
"SiteWise is a prequalification system that grades a contractor’s health & safety capability and publishes that grade in a database that can be viewed by main contractor’s and principal organisations. This allows for better contractor selection and an easier tendering process for everyone involved."

Quality Management System

Quality is infused in our processes and our culture

We are passionate about what we do and how we do it.

“Quality” is an integral part of our company, our values, recruitment, induction and training programmes help us to deliver “quality workmanship” to our customers.
Quality (That’s What We Want)
Our objective is to complete each contract/project safely, on time, and on budget with no adverse effects to the quality of the workmanship delivered.

Every employee understands, and actively participates in the promotion of quality in every job, in every site, and in every process, they follow.

Put simply if it doesn’t meet our exacting standards, it doesn’t get signed off.

We are fully committed to continual improvement, and development of our processes to ensure that the standard of quality far exceeds our customers, and industry expectations.

Quality Management Framework

Fundamentally, we achieve quality through understanding our customers priorities.

We are fully committed to continual improvement and development of our processes to ensure that the standard of quality far exceeds our customers and industry expectations.
The objectives of our Quality Management Framework:
  • Put our customers first
  • Work more productively, safely and effectively
  • Quickly identify and address risks associated with the project and or site

Through this system we have developed a comprehensive documentation process that promotes quality and transparency across our customers and employees alike.

This system includes everything from safe work practices & codes of conduct.

The completion of Quality Assurance [QA] sheets on construction projects is imperative. This system is led by our senior staff on site and passed through the ranks down to the trade assistant. The forms are completed, signed off and passed back to the customer for inspection at various stages of a project.

Environmental Care

Together we get one shot at this - we're doing our part

We encourage our suppliers, staff and customers to consider the environment when managing waste on and off site.

We use our regular tool box meetings to promote health and safety, raise awareness of environmental issues and consult with our employees on how they can reduce their impact on the environment through the recycling of construction waste including cardboard, plastics, polystyrene etc.

We are committed to ensuring that, wherever possible, we minimise our impact on the environment. We measure, set targets and comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

Over the years we have encouraged our customers to recycle from bringing our own recycling bins onto construction sites, to being one of the first companies to work with customers and waste management sites to safely remove, dispose and track CO2 emissions from refrigerated equipment.

Our Objectives

One of our key environmental objectives is to integrate environmental improvement initiatives throughout every aspect of our business, which includes:

  • Minimising waste by evaluating our operations and ensuring every activity is undertaken as efficiently as possible.
  • Actively promoting recycling both internally, and amongst our customers and to influence our suppliers' environmental policies.
  • Sourcing and promoting products that have minimal environmental impact of both production and distribution.
  • Meeting or exceeding all the environmental legislation that relates to our industry.
  • Encourage paperless operations by employing technical solutions wherever possible. Two examples include electronic invoicing or by using electronic time cards on mobile devices.
  • Being committed to measuring and documenting our fleets' carbon emissions, with the view to minimise them over time.
  • Where all other things are equal, to choose partners and contractors who can demonstrate sound environmental policies.

Our Success

Our Tracking system has been recognised by the Environmental Protection Authority as an excellent asset, created by Fantail Services Ltd, in the management and tracking of reclaimed refrigerant.

The tracking system we developed assists companies & local government agencies to identify:
  • Site location
  • Manufacturer & equipment type
  • Model & serial numbers (if applicable)
  • Refrigerant type
  • Amount reclaimed
  • Reclaim machine type
  • Staff carrying out the process
  • Where refrigerant is disposed
  • Date of disposal

Fantail Commercial

A full spectrum of HVAC, Electrical and design services to support a range of commercial applications, including post installation Service and Maintenance

Fantail Commercial

Fantail Residential

Fantail provides heat pump installations, service and maintenance along with a broad range of home electrical services.

Fantail Residential