Industry  Review

October 30, 2019

Site Safe New Zealand, in conjunction with representatives from the construction sector are currently carrying out a review / redevelopment to standardise its Site-Specific Safety Plan.

The review is being facilitated by Site Safe New Zealand with input from the Health and Safety Practitioners Group and Capital Safety Initiative Group.

The aim of the review is to:

1.      To understand how well the SSSP documents are meeting the needs of the user.

2.      If necessary, to update the SSSP to meet the needs of the stakeholder.

3.      To create guides to allow more effective use of key SSSP forms and terminology.

4.      Review the potential of digitising the SSSP products for online use.

The Health and Safety Practitioners Group is a collective of Health and Safety practitioners from 12 of New Zealand’s largest construction companies.Fantail Services have been selected as one of four sub-contractors to be a part of this group and going forward will be a integral part of the industry review.

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